Summer is starting @ Beast Arena!

We kick-off the summer season with more new training opportunites and suprises, promotions, please read for the details.

Wrestling for children:

We are waiting for 6-12 years old children, who would like to learn the basics of wrestling and would like to be comfortable in this sport. It results not just physical development for them, but they will learn and can start to use all advantages of this sport.

We also launch training for children for skills development:

This means that we are focusing on improvement of basic skills what are necessary for comfortable and confident move.

Beast Pair Power is a new type of Beast functional training:

It targets especially pairs, who would like to train together and learn and understand each other better.
For Beast Pair Power we introduce the daily pass for pairs what is 3000 HUF / pair / occasion.

Sign up is needed: [email protected]

Senior Wrestling

Wrestling training for those who has huge experience and competed earlier as professional wrestling fighter but finished their sport career and go to training only rarely nowadays. Let’s have fun together with the old friends and enjoy wrestling again, remember the old memories and stories and keep yourself young with training!

Family promo – daily pass for children’s accompany

This is a new ticket type what includes a discount and you can buy it if your child has a training that day. So you can pay 1500 HUF instead of 2000HUF if you train at the same time when your child is doing training.
This ticket is available for child’s parents, brothers and sisters only.



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