Period Price
Age group Child Student Adult
Daily pass 1 200 HUF 1 900 HUF 2 500 HUF
Monhtly pass – every day usage 16 000 HUF 21 000 HUF
Monhtly pass – 2x per week 8 000 HUF 10 500 HUF 13 700 HUF
Monhtly pass – 3x per week 10 500 HUF 12 700 HUF 17 200 HUF
Daily pass for accompany of children (from 4 June)
(valid for close relatives – parents, brothers or sisters –
in case of buying one daily pass for children for the same day)
2 000 HUF
Compensation pass for extra training occasion **
(only in case of having monthly pass for everyday usage,
if you would like to join to another group class on the top of the occasion included in your pass)
700 HUF 900 HUF
Boxing gloves rent (per occasion) 500 HUF 500 HUF

Daily and monthly passes are valid for one training per day. Any further training on the same day means extra training occasion, what has additional fee.

We can accept student card under age of 25.

*child passes are available only for trainings dedicated especially to children. Click here for these training classes.

Monthly passes are valid for 30 days.

Please discuss the prices of the personal training with the trainer before the first occasion.

**For Rehab+ training an adult compensation pass is required on the top of your daily pass or monthly pass.

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